DGS Divert for Refracturing

As wells are stimulated the fluids take the path of least resistance.  Often this creates “super clusters” and fails to evenly treat the entire interval leaving many clusters untreated or under treated.   DGS Diverters work to temporarily block the most active clusters allowing new clusters to initiate or increase the level of treatment.     

Additionally, fractures can be further controlled with far-field diverters, creating complex fractures as opposed to lengthening fractures. 

The benefits of using our diverters follow: 

  • Increase production by creating additional fracture complexity
  • Increase production by creating additional fractures.
  • Stimulate new rock and reduce the occurrence of offset well frac hits
  • Fracture dissimilar rock    
  • Can help increase production by creating additional fractures.
  • Can be used to screen out old perforations to run new perforations.
  • DGS Divert will self-remove in the presence of water and heat after treatment is finished. 
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