Fracturing NWB

DGS Divert for Near Wellbore (NWB) Diversion

As wells are stimulated the fluids take the path of least resistance.  Often this creates “super clusters” and fails to evenly treat the entire interval leaving many clusters untreated or under treated.   DGS Diverters work to temporarily block the most active clusters allowing new clusters to initiate or increase the level of treatment.     

Other techniques of controlling these runaway fractures help but they never can create as balanced of a treatment as diverters and they also fail to address communication between stages behind pipe which is estimated to occur in 30% of stages based on tracer logs. 

The benefits of using our near wellbore diverters follow: 

  • Increase cluster efficiency.
  • Allow operators to fracture dissimilar rock   
  • Allow operators to fracture large sections of open-hole allowing them to drill beyond their ability to run casing.
  • Stage counts can be reduced by completing longer intervals. 
  • In situations with damaged casings several stages can be completed as one stage.
  • Production is increased by creating additional fractures.
  • Communication is reduced because “super cluster” fracture lengths are controlled.
  • Communication between stages can be eliminated.
  • DGS’s near wellbore diverters are available in bead, flake and powders such as our DGS Divert NWB FB & DGS Divert F015.