Optimizing Oilfield Operations,

Preserving Well Integrity

International Leading-Edge Biodegradable Diverters

DGS Diverters Have Been Successfully Used Around the world.
DGS diverters help operators increase production while protecting offset wells.
dgs far-field diverter

DGS Diverters for Far‑Field Diversion‑Fracturing

DGS diverters can help your well's production. Far‑field diverters, such as powders, increase production and reduce communication when used while fracturing.

DGS Diverters for Near‑Wellbore Diversion‑Fracturing

DGS diverters can help your well's production. Near‑wellbore diverters, such as flakes, beads and course mesh powders can increase production when used while fracturing.

Near-wellbore diversion
Clean out

Milling Operations

DGS diverters can help regain circulation in low-pressure wells.


DGS diverters can help bring  your older/depleted wells back to their full potential.

acid stimulation


DGS diverters can improve fluid distributions to make acid treatments much more effective.

Drilling Fluid Diverters

DGS divert for Drilling Fluid Diverters


Geothermal Diverters

DGS divert for Geothermal Diverters

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about DGS Diverters

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