Cleanouts / Milling

DGS Divert for Milling and Cleanout Operations

As operators are attempting to circulate fluids to mill plugs or cleanout low pressure wells sometimes there are insufficient returns to surface to adequately remove all debris and plug parts.  DGS Diverters work to temporarily block perforations and effectively restore returns to surface.     

The benefits of using our LCM materials follow: 

  • Additional plug parts and proppant can be removed from the wellbore with the turbulent flow our diverters help create.
  • Reduce the chances of sticking pipe.
  • DGS Divert C is designed to work with both workover rigs and coil tubing units.
  • DGS Diverters lower specific gravity helps place the diverter, even when reverse circulating.
  • Remedial work can be performed once returns are established.
  • DGS’s cleanout diverters are available in bead, flake, and powders such as our DGS Divert C & DGS Divert SF009.
Low pressure zone explained through a graphic

Watch video to see DGS Divert C in action

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